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The application of the Gatstech intelligence 15-inch industrial panel PC to the Numerical Control Automation Equipment


Background demand
Intelligence is the development trend of automation technology, the demand of intelligent industry is exuberant. With the speeding up of industrialization and information fusion process, intelligent design, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent operation, intelligent management and intelligent decision-making is a typical feature of intelligent industry will become the new trend of development. Modern industrial production will develop in the direction of the automatic production, when the current smart technology gradually become mainstream consciousness, from industrial production automation production to intelligent production will be its developing trend. Undoubtedly, intelligence is the development direction of manufacturing automation. Artificial intelligence technology is widely applied in all aspects of the manufacturing process. Automation technology as the 20th century, is now one of the important technologies in industrial areas, mainly to solve the issues of efficiency and consistency, whether it is the pursuit of high speed, continuous and large quantities of large enterprises, or the pursuit of flexibility, the centre of the flexible customization of the enterprise, rely on the application of automation technology.

In the process of industrial computer control, the interchangeability of parts, processing speed. Compared with traditional processing equipment, industrial PC improves resolution and reduces human error, so the efficiency of processing can be greatly improved. At the same time, because the automatic control mode is adopted, the operation of the CNC machine is only required to monitor the running state of the equipment, so the labour intensity is greatly reduced.

System control equipment industrial PC demand.
1、High parameter configuration runs smoothly.
2、Touch mode, support glove touch mode.
3、Multiple USB ports, high speed transmission data.
4、Integrated equipment and cabinet, fitting and installation.
5、There is no need to open the cabinet door to stop the machine equipment.

Automatic numerical control lathe is a kind of machine tool that USES numerical control technology to realize the action according to the preprogramed procedure. It consists of program carrier, transmission device, CNC unit, servo system, position feedback system and machine parts.

The working principle of automatic CNC lathe.
Machining parts on an automated numerical control lathe usually follows the following steps:
1、According to the drawing and process plan of the machining parts, write the program sheet in the specified code and program format and record it on the carrier.
2、The program is input into the CNC unit through the input device.
3、After processing the input program, the CNC unit sends a signal to the servo system of each coordinate of the machine tool.
4、The servo system drives the moving parts of the machine and controls the necessary auxiliary operations according to the signals sent by the CNC unit.
5、The work piece is machined out of the relative motion of the tool and the work piece through the machine parts.
6、Check the movement of the machine tool and feedback the feedback device to the CNC unit to reduce the machining error. (Of course, there is no test or feedback system for open-loop nc machine tools)

Gatstech 15-inch industrial panel pc for the following functions.
1、J1900 main board + board i5 CPU, 4G memory +64GB SSD, to ensure smooth operation of client software.
2、The capacitive touch mode is configured with a speed of 5ms, which supports multi-touch, high precision and no drift.
3、Configure RS232*2+USB*4 to meet the requirement of data communication on nc automation equipment.
4、Ultra thin 3mm front panel, embedded installation, integrated with the cabinet, beautiful, save space.
5、The power switch is extended by 50CM, and after the installation of the equipment is installed, it is not necessary to open the cabinet door to start and stop the machine.